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Hetal Kanani is the Founder, Owner and CEO of The Creation Art & Craft LLC. She holds a degree of Certified Public Accountant however she has been teaching art and painting to kids and adults since the young age of 16. She has several awards in Art & Craft  to her name and  hosted a successful Art Exhibition at India Fest in Tampa FL

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Address: Cory Lake Drive

Tampa FL 33647

Phone: (561)891-7420


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Hetal is a born Artist. She has always shown excellence not only through her paintings/art work but also thru her skill of teaching students in the most effective and fun way. No wonder all her students love her so much and they keep coming back year after year ! A big thank you to you HetalKanani !

-Jwalant Kansara

Art is Our Passion

"Its not just about Creativity, it is about the person you are BECOMING while you are creating"                                              

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2019 Art Summer Camp!!

Location:   Tampa FL

Date: June - August

Time: Contact below

Contact: Hetal Kanani for Details FiveSIXone-891-7420


Art is our passion, it helps us to express ourselves and feel great in every art work we make. When we draw or paint, we get a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction during the process and imagine how we could inspire the one who would see our drawing or painting. Art creates the creativity, creativity creates imagination, imagination creates innovation.

The Creation Art & Craft